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The Harvey J. Fuller Award (2005)

1988    Michael Knapp
            Information Booth column
1989    Michael Knapp
            Information Booth column
1990    Janice O’Neal
            Nevada Update series
1991    Alan Myers
            Southern Indiana Gambling
1992    Michael Knapp
            Fakes, Fantasy Etc.
1993    Fred Borgmann
             A Token Tour of Wisconsin’s Indian Casinos
1994    Doug Saito
            The Lowest of the Low Gives Me the Highest of Highs
1995    Steve Passalacqua
            Chip Find of a Lifetime
1998    Phil Jensen
            Phil’s Forays
1999    Phil Jensen
            Phil’s Forays
2001    Steve McLendon
            Gaming History of Lake Tahoe - South Shore
2002    Allan Anderson
            Cal-Neva Resort, 75th Anniversary
2003    John Yee
            The Apache Hotel
2004    Mike Quinlivan
            The Flamingo Capri Revisited
2005    Tyrus Mulkey
            Howard R. Hughes Jr. and His Influence on the Transition From Gambling to Gaming
2006    Pam Goertler and Brian Cashman
            Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas
2007    Pam Goertler and Brian Cashman
            The Las Vegas Strip...The Early Years
2008    Pam Goertler
            A West Side Story
2009     Pam Goertler
            As Time Goes By Part 1 and Part 2
2010     Todd Barrett
            Lifes a Highway Part 1 and Part 2
2011     Jim Steffner
            From Star to Dust - Historical Tidbits of the Stardust Hotel and Casino
2012     Microsoft Word - CCGTCC History 2-23-2015.doc Tony Van Hook
            Jackpot, Nevada
2013     Kevin Cook
            The Vegas Hot Spot That Broke All the Rules
2014     Westen Charles
            Researching Jeffs Club
2015    Pam Goertler
            It Happened on Fremont Street
2016    Ed Hertel  
             Simple Chips, Incredible Histories
2017    Ed Hertel  
            Benny Binion and the Dallas Gambing Wars      
            Green River Island - Kentucky's No Mans Land
2019    Ed Hertel  
            Dissecting a Record - A Forensic Investigation

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